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jonidA professional remote viewer, Jonina Dourif was one of the first civilians trained in this formerly Top Secret technology. Prior to that, she had been the subject of PSI research and precognition most of her life. She spent many years in the 80’s working in the field of psychotherapy, specializing in Jungian clinical Psychology. Jonina Dourif majored in clinical psychology at UCLA and Rutgers University but left just prior to receiving her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology to accept an internship personally offered to her by former first lady Mrs. Betty Ford, to work at the newly founded Betty Ford Center. Jonina worked in the fields of addiction, obsessive-compulsion, and psychology, in conjunction with lecturing her specialty to professionals: Jungian theoretical and clinical psychology. Joni’s family roots lie in the entertainment industry. Her grandfather brought the Odeon theater chain to North America and managed actor Charlie Chaplin. Following family tradition, Joni spent time working in the entertainment industry.
Due to her unique understanding of the human psyche and her diverse background, Jonina Dourif was asked to commercialize PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing® for the civilian sector in 1993. She became the Vice President of PSI TECH and immediately moved the company to Beverly Hills, California. She opened the Professional Development Course (in-house TRV® training) and taught with the former Operations and Training officer of The Defense Intelligence agency’s remote viewing unit for four years. The two were only able to personally train approximately seventy people each year. Therefore, they worked to develop the TRV® training protocols to format the video training tapes to provide the public at large with this life changing breakthrough technology. Jonina Dourif is the executive producer for PSI TECH’s highly successful TRV® video training tapes.
In 1999, the company’s founder retired and Joni took over the helm as President. She continues to lead PSI TECH into the future on the cutting edge of PSI and mind technology. In July 2000, PSI TECH became the sister company of Mind-Tek Research, whose CEO, Dane Spotts, came on board as an executive partner. PSI TECH now enjoys a rich and productive research and development department. Jonina Dourif was raised on the Hawaiian Islands, and formally educated in Lausanne, Switzerland. She speaks French and Spanish and currently lives and conducts business in Beverly Hills, California, Seattle, Washington, Maui, Hawaii and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

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