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Psychic Warrior, David Morehouse

For several years David Morehouse claims to have worked as a spy for the United States military. But David was no ordinary spy posted “behind enemy lines”. He says he worked as a “psychic spy”, using his special training in “remote viewing” to picture places that he had never visited. But with his unique powers he claims to have provided the US authorities with accurate and often highly sensitive information. Read the chat transcript below.

David Morehouse: Hello.

Simmo: Please could you give us a brief overview of what remote viewing is all about?

David Morehouse: The Department of Defence definition of a remote viewer is simply this: an individual selected and trained to transcend time and space to view persons places or things remote in time or space and to gather intelligence information on the same. That’s the military definition. The civilian definition doesn’t vary, only the applications of the phenomenon do.

Luke: Can anybody be a remote viewer? If not, how do you tell if you would be good at it?

David Morehouse: There are psychological profiles indicating certain propensities in people but essentially that propensity is a general openness and willingness to believe that there is something more than the physical dimension in our world.

Miriam: What is the most interesting thing that you have been able to remote view?

David Morehouse: The most interesting thing I can conclude from thousands of remote viewing sessions is simply this I have never seen God, Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha that we are not alone. But I can say this with absolute certainty that there are other worlds, civilisations and dimensions, both benevolent and malevolent and understanding that has been the most significant thing in my life.

Snoop: What did you think would be the reaction to your book?

David Morehouse: I had no idea.

Ian Hepworth: Why didn’t your book with Ed Dames go ahead?

David Morehouse: The book was not just with Ed Dames. The book was with Mel Riley, myself, Jim Mars and Ed Dames. Mel Riley and I refused to sign the releases on the book after we had seen Ed’s directives to Jim Mars that slowed the book down while it was being re-written to reflect a more truthful approach. When it was finished and in galley form the CIA moved in and cancelled the book at least that is how Jim Mars, Mel Riley and I understand it.

AndyB: Why is RV now becoming trendy?

David Morehouse: Because Psychic Warrior revealed the existence of a programme that was sequestered away in the DIA and CIA for twenty years. Others had written about remote viewing but nobody had given it the credibility of twenty years of intelligence applications.

Question: Will your film go ahead?

David Morehouse: Film? Sure the film pertaining to Psychic Warrior is still under development but it will go ahead. I have just sold the film rights to my third book titled The Deceivers.

Paul: David, in reference to your contact with Michael Foley, as described in Psychic warrior – what is your view on using RV to contact the ‘dead’?

David Morehouse: It can be done however, it is not a clinical or scientific approach it is purely experiential that is to say it is critically wrought with analytical overlay or to define AOL. It is wrought with imagination you never know when pure data stops and imagination takes over and vice versa.

Ian Hepworth: Did you ever meet Ingo Swann?

David Morehouse: Many times.

AndyB: How is your ET search going?

David Morehouse: What ET search?

AndyB: I was under the impression you were using RV to locate ET life forms?

David Morehouse: I’m not doing any extra-terrestrial research. You have me confused with Ed Dames.

Christine K: When you see things, are they vivid pictures and do you get shivers at the same time?

David Morehouse: In Co-ordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) images are much less vivid or lucid than they are in ERV (extended RV). I am predominantly using the hybrid form of CRV which is ERV. CRV is very structured and methodical ERV plays upon the baseline structure of CRV and departs from there into a much more esoteric data stream.

XRP: What is the most demanding situation that you have been in?

David Morehouse: Anything dealing with the death of another human being.

Mark Jones: I had understood remote viewing to be a talent a particular individual either had or didn’t. The fact that David teaches courses in the UK indicates that anyone can be taught the skills. If this is the case is there still a need for the huge spy satellite infrastructure designed to do just what remote viewing can do? Can a military set up a psychic “boot camp” and develop an army of ESPers as well as smart weapons?

David Morehouse: Whether to find a body for police or to view the destruction of Flight 803 over Lockerbie Scotland, death is a very disturbing thing emotionally and spiritually. For a RVer there is a cumulative effect in viewing such things. Mark I understand the direction of your question, however since when did spy satellites peer underground inside buildings or inside someone’s head? One collection methodology does not replace the other they work in cognisance with each other each, augmenting the other to form a more complete intelligence picture.

Chance: How do you find one of the courses that you run in RV?

David Morehouse: Contact Roy Farrell here in the UK We will be teaching here in the UK in Oct/ Nov as well as in Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Greece and the Caribbean and South Africa.

Bambino-Diablo: How did you learn of your talent for doing what you are doing now? Was it apparent what you were capable off at the inset? Or is it something that everyone is capable of if they have the right mental attitude?

David Morehouse: I have no talent. I have only the same ability that each of you have. Anyone can become a remote viewer. It is a latent ability in each of us. If you choose to you can exercise it.

Paul: From looking at The Larger Universe & The Farsight Institute websites, one would assume that RVing is of global importance for everyone. So why is it virtually ignored?

David Morehouse: Very good question. My version of why it is ignored is simply because there is so much infighting amongst the various RV factions. If all those who left the military service with this great gift joined together, we would be teaching the world. However petty infighting, greed and envy have bifurcated the effort and we are all teaching small groups and individuals.

AndyB: Are these courses open to anyone? Is there anyone you would refuse to teach?

David Morehouse: They are open to anyone. Here in the UK and in the European Theatre we are trying to keep the course costs to the bare minimum, around £300 however most of my former colleagues are charging thousands. In my opinion that is an effort to get as much as you can while you can.

AndyB: How long does it take to learn the basics of RV?

David Morehouse: The basic course is three days long. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

l5l: Do you have any psychic abilities other than RV?

David Morehouse: Nope, no more than anybody else has. Most women are highly intuitive they know things without knowing how or why they know them, we call that “women’s intuition” or “mother’s intuition”. Aside from my training in RV I could only wish I was as intuitive as most women.

AndyB: When will you start taking course bookings? Can I place mine now?

David Morehouse: Course bookings are going on constantly. If you are in the UK or Europe contact Roy Farrell. Even if you are not you can contact Roy and he will give you the details for the US and all other courses.

Bambino-Diablo: If RV is a skill that anyone has the ability to use, do you think that it would break down a lot of the boundaries that have prevented us as a race from getting on? Or do you think it could start a lot of problems for us?

David Morehouse: We are presently in the fourth turning of human societal evolution, the unravelling phase. Within fifteen to twenty years we will enter the destructive phase for the last 1500 years each destructive phase has brought us some cataclysmic or catastrophic event, usually global warfare on an ever increasing scale of lethality. To skew the effect of this fourth turning we must increase conscious awareness thereby creating a condition that will offset the lowest point of human societal evolution. If humanity can not understand this then we will cease to exist as a race. RV deals in truth and that will be the greatest gift any of us can have in the coming millennium and during the fourth turning.

Bambino-Diablo: With the global military interestest in RV, do you think that many of the battles will be fought with information though? Would there be any need for weapons of destruction?

David Morehouse: Read my book, Non-Lethal Weapons: War Without Death. I think it will shed some light on your questions.

Peter: David do you have a website? Can you tell us what your books are called and who publishes them please?

David Morehouse: Psychic Warrior is on St Martins Press or Michael Joseph in the UK, NLW is Praeger Press and The Deceivers and the Archivist are next out probably next year. The publisher has yet to be awarded, contract negotiations and bids are pending.

Esau: David, what do you want to do with your ability now that you have time?

David Morehouse: I don’t have the time, however I have the desire to give this gift to as many people as are willing to learn it.

AndyB: What do you see as the ultimate application of RV?

David Morehouse: Ultimately? I see 50 years from now great councils of people with this gift who will help decide the fate of all humanity. In the interim I see it used to augment current medical diagnostics abilities law enforcement investigative methodologies and a host of others.

AndyB: Won’t there be a divide between those who have learned RV and those that haven’t? If there is to be a great council that implies exclusion.

David Morehouse: You mean like whether you are Labour or Conservative? Or a Republican or a Democrat.

AndyB: I mean more like rich and poor. This would be the ultimate in “class division”.

David Morehouse: The beauty of RV it’s application and your ability to learn it aren’t predicated upon your ability to pay, your religious beliefs, or your political or any other persuasion. I don’t see it as the ultimate class division any more than I see your ability to learn something at Oxford or at a Junior college in the US as division of class. Learning is learning.

AndyB: Not if you are poor and want to go to Harvard or Oxford.

David Morehouse: You can sit back and wish you had, or to borrow a phrase, you can just do it.

AndyB: So you believe that the skill will be taught to all via some medium? Can you see it on the school curriculum? You think it will eventually be available free?

David Morehouse: I would hope that it would be free eventually. It should be offered as part of a college course of study in psychology or perhaps religion, despite the fact it is transparent to religious beliefs I believe in God. Where I draw the line at this juncture is with organised religion.

Donatello: Do you think RV has been around for centuries? Is there any evidence of this?

David Morehouse: Not centuries, millennia. And there are volumes written on the subject. Studying ancient Egypt will be a good place to start, or choose the path that supports Mel Riley’s beliefs – Native American cultures.

AndyB: Is there any possibility that you can see of viewing future or long-past events?

David Morehouse: The past is locked in the time-space continuum, however the future is a fleeting, flowing constantly moving issue that has literally an infinite number of variables constantly playing upon it. A trained RVer or natural psychic or anyone else who wants to play can see the future, however in the time it takes for you to explain what you saw, the event will have changed. It’s very difficult to see the future with any degree of accuracy.

AndyB: Could a nation who introduced widespread RV training now become more successful or powerful because of this?

David Morehouse: It’s an interesting question. The converse would be should nations sequester this gift as a weapon of war at worst or an intelligence collection tool at best? It sounds as if you’re asking me do I think this might fall into the wrong hands. My answer is that it already has.

AndyB: It’s in the wrong hands, the Americans have got it.

David Morehouse: So have the Brits, the Germans, the Czechs, the Chinese, the Russians and the Israelis. This was not ever solely an American endeavour, quite the contrary. As is typical with Americans on this subject, we are playing catch up.

Ian: Have you ever used RV in your personal life, anything you regret using it for? Bambino-Diablo: Do you ever hear or see things in the media and let curiosity get the better of you? Or do you only use RV when asked, or when necessary?

David Morehouse: To answer Ian and Diablo, there are three rules critical to the understanding and applicaiton of RV.
1. RV is not 100% accurate. Never has been, never will be despite the claims of former colleagues.
2. You can never trust a single RVer operating independently of others and therefore you cannot task yourself and expect credible and accurate results.
3. RV is not a stand-alone endeavour. It must always be used in consonance with other collection, research, investigative, and diagnostic endeavours. It is a synergistic approach to problem solving not a solo approach.

AndyB: Do you know of civilisations that existed before the Great Flood or Ice Age?

David Morehouse: No personal knowledge whatsoever.

AndyB: Does there come a point that you are going to tell us your reason for spreading the gift. Do you think that the world will benefit greatly from the dissemination of RV?

David Morehouse: As I said, RV promotes ones ability to discern truth for themselves. As I see it that is the greatest gift anyone can have in the deception of the coming millennium. I really appreciate everyone’s genuine interest. I hope I answered at least most of your questions to the best of my ability.

AndyB: Thanks a lot for coming by David. The chat transcript will be up on soon for us all to view. That was fascinating. Thank you.

David Morehouse: If you are genuinely interested more please contact Roy Farrell via e-mail and I will try to answer (time permitting) in a more detailed venue.

AndyB: I hope to see you on the training course towards the end of the year. I’m sure many others here tonight will too.


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