Technical Remote Viewing® Overview & Company Updates

I often get asked the question, “Now what is it that you do for a living?” If I don’t have time to explain, I resort to saying, “I work for a data collection company.” Then they generally respond with, “Oh computers” and I say, “yes, we have a lot of computers” and I leave it at that. Sometimes, it is just not in the best interest of the moment to introduce a new mind boggling concept like TRV® – PSI TECH’s data collection technique!

I think that people really need to hear about (and experience) it before they comprehend it so I am constantly repeating the same explanations and definitions – just in different ways. However, with the evolution of the internet and PSI TECH’s more recent products in the market place, we have introduced new terms in our “TRV talk” – terms that have not been clearly defined. So today I have written an overview of TRV and some common TRV terms and I hope that there is something new or something reminded for everyone in it.

The Origin
Twenty years ago people were “born with psychic powers” or ”blessed with the gift.” Now we don’t need to rely on the psychic abilities of others. Today, we know that psychic functioning stems from intuition and instinct. These are innate abilities that reside in each and every one of us. We are born with it. Very much like we are born with the ability to speak, we are also born with the ability to foresee and intuit information. So, it’s a natural function that can become a learned skill.

It’s difficult to understand when you have not experienced it as a skill. However, like learning to speak a language using our vocal chords, we are also capable of learning how to “perceive” using our intuition. We learn how to see, hear, think, speak, and feel using our other senses. We have become so accustom to gathering information in the world around us using our other senses that we barely recognize we’re doing it. It has become an automatic function. We do not need to think about how to do it. It’s autonomic. It’s even difficult to conceive that there was a time when we could only verbally communicate making crude noises such as grunts and screams. Whether we crawled out of a cave or surfaced from the ocean, we have come a long way as a species.

The Skill
I foresee that there will be a day in the future of mankind when it will be hard to conceive of life without psychic perception. Since 1990 PSI TECH has been teaching people how to develop their own intuition as a psychic skill. It’s still difficult to comprehend that you are able to learn how to accurately foresee events in the future and precisely reconstruct events from the past. That’s only the beginning because like learning the alphabet, your abilities expand with your learning. A skilled Technical Remote Viewer can look into minds, solve crimes, foresee futures, detect the cause of an illness, discover cures, find missing objects and people and the list goes on. The fact is that accurate perception is a skill and like any skill, it gets better with time and practice.

First Time Effect
I know there’s probably nothing I can say to convince the skeptical mind that this is true. That is why we made the QuickstartTM program, so, that you can have a taste of the TRV experience. On the other hand, there’s probably nothing I could say to change the new-age mind into believing that this isn’t possible. Our Quickstart works because if you follow the directions, you will have success. But it’s not that easy. If it were, I wouldn’t be writing this article! There is an occurrence that commonly happens with your first exposure to TRV. We call it “first time effect.” It seems the first few times that your mind is pushed through the TRV structure, it easily grasps the protocols and gives you the experience of psychic success. However, this is called “first time effect“ because it only occurs the first few times. This initial success can be attributed to two things: one, that your intuition already knows how to do this and two: imagination has not figured out what’s going on and so it cannot interfere ….yet. However, imagination is a quick learner and it grasps the process very quickly.

Imagination has been your friend for a long time and it will not stop doing what it has always done which is: filling in the blanks. Unfortunately, when you activate your intuition and begin to download psychic information, imagination tends to interfere and thwart the data. This is natural for it to do and so a large part of succeeding at TRV becomes learning how to recognize the many strategies of imaginary influence. You are literally learning how to separate out imagination from psychically derived information.

Hundredth Monkey Effect
There is another phenomenon that we have seen since the beginning of teaching TRV. It is called the “Hundredth Monkey Effect.” It seems that there is a collective mind that we are all a part of and if enough of us start to do something in a certain way, then it catches on like a domino effect; people in other lands begin doing things in that certain way too. The initial ones struggled to learn while others just seemed to catch on. It would be nice to just wake up one day and already know how to TRV! Perhaps, a future generation will be so fortunate. Many from our generation have tried falling asleep in hopes of awakening to speak a foreignn language without success. In fact, we still have to learn our own language step-by-step.

The Pioneers
You are the pioneers. You are paving the path of a new technology that will enhance your mind and influence consciousness. The collective consciousness of mankind cannot resist the waves of change. Like the ocean creates and engulfs tidal waves, so will the consciousness of man finally integrate this new skill. It is a subtle act with profound effects. The idea of perceiving beyond your five normal senses may seem unbelievable now, but if you master TRV, I guarantee you will be making demands for more refined accuracy in a technique that you once didn’t believe possible! It seems that once the TRV protocol is installed and learned properly, people take to it like fish to water and then they forget that they once did not know how to swim.


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